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Here you will find information regarding Ustadh Ismail’s Chemistry class. All of this material has been created by Ustadh Ismail using various resources. These resources will be credited soon. Click any of the pictures below to find information for that unit.

Unit 1:
Chemistry of Superheroes

Students explore atomic structure and electronic interactions through analysis of comic book superheroes. This unit is rooted in historical understanding of the comic book genre and ethnoscience issues associated with the atom such as nuclear war and radiation.

Unit 2:
Cookin’ Chem

Students explore concepts of thermodynamics and compound structures as they analyze how food is prepared and what food is composed of. This unit is rooted in application of concepts to the kitchen and in helping students understand how food affects human health.

Unit 3:

Students explore concepts of acid/base chemistry, behavior of electrons, solubility and metallurgy. This unit also looks at the role of art in culture and challenges students to create a piece of art for which all chemical principles used to create the piece are explained.

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